Black Ops 2 Master Prestige Hack

Have you ever wondered how those people on Blacks Ops 2 have master prestige but suck at the game? Well it's because they hack there rank! Today I will be showing you how get master prestige just like them with an easy to use program that does all the work for you. 

1. Download the program from the link above.
2. Open the program once completed downloading.
3. Enter your Gamertag/Profile Name. (Case sensitive!)
4. Press the "Hack" button. (Important Note: Make sure you are signed out of your Xbox/PS3/PC profile before you do this step.)
5. Wait for the program to finish. It may take a minute.
6. Then wait at least 5 minutes before attempting to sign back into your profile.
7. After the wait you are free to login to your account and enjoy your newly hacked Master Prestige account 

Video Promo:
Watch in 1080p for best quality